Governing Boards


Volunteers from Grinnell and across Iowa provide valuable leadership to the Mayflower Community year after year. The board members work closely with the administration in the operation and outreach of the Mayflower.

Members of the Board of Trustees meet periodically to receive reports, review financial statements, establish policies, set direction for short and long range goals, and provide governance of the Mayflower mission.

Current Trustees include:

George Drake, Grinnell – President
Austin Jones, Grinnell – Vice-President
Jenny Erickson, Grinnell – Secretary
Paige Carlson, Lynnville – Treasurer
Delphina Baumann, Grinnell
Joe Deal, Burlington
Mark Hudson, Collins
Diane Robertson, Grinnell
Jodie Ryan, Malcom
Rev./Dr. Rich Pleva, Des Moines (ex-officio with vote)
Bob Mann, Grinnell (Mayflower Executive Director; no vote)
Don Schild, Grinnell (advisor; no vote)
Orlan Mitchell, Grinnell (ex-officio; no vote)


Organized in 1986, the Foundation is responsible for “publicizing the work of the Mayflower, assisting the Board of Trustees in raising funds for current operations and endowments, investing funds in a prudent manner, and reporting on the status of monies held in trust for the Mayflower ministry.”

Those presently serving on the Foundation board are:

JoAnn Britton, Grinnell – President
Rick Ramsey, Grinnell – Vice-President
Nancy Agnew, Grinnell – Secretary
Scott Beach, Grinnell
Doug Caulkins, Grinnell
Jeff Finch, Grinnell
Bill Ferguson, Grinnell
Emily Moore, Grinnell
Kelly Sandquist, Grinnell
Susan Witt, Grinnell
Bill Yungclas, Ames
Orlan Mitchell, Grinnell (ex-officio; no vote)
Austin Jones, Grinnell (investment advisor; no vote)